Walking inside the museum is the closest experience in time and space. Travelling through each showcase of displayed family heirlooms, we learn more about our rich culture. Furthermore, each object in the displays has a story to tell. These items give us a glimpse of how Armenians lived, their living conditions in each region and how their lives were shaped through their interaction with other neighboring countrymen such as the Greeks, Jews or the western missionaries.

The conditions of the displays vary, as each item was salvaged during their deportation from their homeland. Each object on the display has taken a journey through several countries, before they have taken their final resting place at the Ararat-Eskijian Museum. For example, the Armoire of a tailor has journeyed from the city of Latakia (Syria) to Aleppo (Syria), via Beirut, Lebanon to Laguna Niguel, California (United States) and then to its final resting place: Mission Hills, California (United States).