Ms. Gala Danilova The 1992-94 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh left behind hundreds of minefields and battlefields littered with unexplored ordnance. Active hostilities ceased 20 years ago but the population of Artsakh continues to suffer. So far these explosive remnants of war have caused 276 accidents and over 350 people have been injured, killed or maimed. This is among st the highest per capita civilian casualty rates in the world with a quarter of these victims being children. The HALO Trust is a non-political, non-religious organization which specializes in the removal of the hazardous debris of war worldwide and is conducting the mine clearance operations in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) since Ms. Gala Danilova was born to an Armenian family in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1988 her family moved to Nagorno Karabakh as a result of the hostilities. She is a graduate of Mesrop Mashdots University in Stepanakert with degrees in History and International Relations. She joined HALO in September 2002 as a Mine Risk Education (MRE) coordinator in Stepanakert. After several years she was given responsibility for Logistics and then Statistics in HALO`s Artsakh office. She also supported HALO`s MRE team in Abkhazia and HALO`s USA office fundraising efforts in the United States during her multiple trips in 2007-2008 and 2013. For more information please visit: or contact: ● Held in the Sheen Chapel on November 23, 2014 at 4pm ● Reception following program ● Admission free (Donations appreciated)