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1860 Kayseri to Los Angeles 2022
“At the Crossroads: Mapping Armenian Culture”

Setrag and Nazen Timourian Family. Courtesy of the Nazelie Elmassian Collection.

The Ararat-Eskijian Museum (AEM) and The Armenian Dress and Textile Project (ADTP) are pleased to announce a special two day event to be held on February 26- 27, 2022, at the Ararat-Home of Los Angeles.

This upcoming event is an international hybrid conference and exhibit which highlights the early 19th century Armenian life and cultural history featured in the newly translated memoir of Setrag Timourian and his family’s migration from Gesarya/Kayseri to Los Angeles.

Collaborating Organizations:

National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)
The Promise Armenian Institute at UCLA
UCLA Narekatsi Chair of Armenian Studies
CA State University Northridge Armenian Studies Program
CA State University Fresno Armenian Studies Program
Armenian Rugs Society

About the Conference

The conference features interactive lectures and discussions with international scholars who will present a contextual understanding of Armenian life in mid-19th to 20th century Gesaria/Kayseri, Turkey.

Luther Eskijian was born on November 1, 1913, in a small village named Ekiz-Oluk in the mountains of modern-day Syria. He was the youngest son of Reverend Hovhannes and Gulenia Eskijian. In 1920, four years after his father’s passing, Luther, his brother John, and their mother, Mrs. Gulenia Eskijian, immigrated to the United States. Like thousands before him, as a young boy of 7 years old, Luther crossed the ocean on a third class ticket, with refugee status, under a Nansen passport. He was processed by the U.S. government at Ellis Island and arrived in America, not knowing the language or the culture.
Nazen Telfeyan/Timourian wedding dress circa 1881, courtesy of Nazelie Elamssian.
Conference Speakers:

Dr. Vahe Tachjian, Houshamdyan
Dr. Tolga Cora, Bogazici University, Istanbul
Dr. Silvie Merian, Morgan Library & Museum
Dr. Khatchig Mouradian, Library of Congress
Dr. Carol Najarian M.D, Folk Medicine Specialist
Dr. Tina Demirjian, ADTP Founder, Co-director, Poet
Dr. Sofie Kachmanyan, ADTP Co-director, Armenian Textile & Costume Designer
Dr. Carol Tuntland, ADTP Co-director, European Costume Designer
Dr. Mary Macgregor Villareal, ADTP Co-director, Folklorist
Hratch Kozibeiokyan, Armenian Rug expert
Arthur Telfeyan, Expert Textile Dyes and Pigments

The box is silver filigree with purple silk from Gesaria/Kayseri circa 1890s. Tina Demirdjian collection.
About the Exhibit: “At the Crossroads: Mapping Armenian Culture”

As part of the special events on February 26 & 27, 2022, the Ararat-Eskijian Museum (AEM) and Armenian Dress and Textile Project (ADTP) will host an exhibit displaying ancestral Armenian textiles, rugs, and costumes from the Telfeyan and Timourian families, in Gesaria/Kayseri, Turkey during the 19th & 20th Century Ottoman period. The exhibit tells human stories behind the items of their owners and probes themes of daily life, survival and migration.

Click here to learn more about the Armenian Dress and Textile Project (ADTP).

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