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Collection Highlights: Jewelry

Gold Earrings

A pair of women's gold earrings with the Sultan's Tughra(Seal of Sultan), provenance Kharpert (present-day Turkey), circa 1900s. Private Eskijian collection.

Silver Hair Dressings

A pair of women's Sillver hair dressings provenance Van.

Silver Belt

A women's silver belt provenace Akhaltsikhe (present-day Georgia), circa 1800s.

Silver Belt

A women's Silver belt provenance Garin (Erzroom) (present-day Turkey) circa 1800s.

Silver Niello Women's Belt

A women's Silver Niello belt, provernance Kharpert the craftsmanship of the Silvermith's of Van.

Silver Niello Women's Purse

A women's purse Niello with an imprint of Mother Armenia, provenance Van.

Silver Niello Cigarette Boxes

A collection of Silver Niello cigarette boxes for both women and men, with Armenian inscriptions and symbols, provenance Van (present-day Turkey), circa 1800s.
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