AEM's Lecture Series

Since 1997, AEM has provided a high-quality lecture series hosted monthly that features presentations by prominent scholars from various countries across the world.

Medieval Armenia in Los Angeles: Manuscripts at the Getty Museum

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Armenian Treasures in Romania

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Armenian Communities of Persia/Iran: History Trade and Culture

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Below is a playlist from our YouTube channel of previously recorded lectures dating back to 2011. Press the playlist icon
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List of AEM Events from Inception to 2009

→December 06, 2009
“The Discovery of a 6000-year-Old Cave Civilization in Armenia” by Dr. Gregory Areshian and Dr. Pavel Avetisyan

→November 29, 2009
A Special Evening in Memory of Dr. Vartkes Broussalian with a screening of “The River Ran Red” a film by Michael J. Hagopian Director and founder of Armenian Film Foundation

→November 08, 2009
A Historic Tribute to Veterans: Honoring Armenian Men and Women who have served in the American Armed Forces, with special guest from the Armed forces.

→November 01, 2009
“The Impact of World War II on Second Generation Armenian -American Identity” by Dr. Gregory Aftandilian.

→October 18, 2009
“A Forgotten Genocide and The Century-Long Struggle for Justice by Michael Bobelian Journalist and lawyer

→July 26, 2009
“The Stones are Crying” by Anahid Meymarian book presented by Dr. Razmig Shirinian.

→June 28, 2009
“Resurrection with Cane and Shoe” by Dr. Harut Barsamian

→May 31, 2009
“A Literary Romp with Writing Cousins Aris Janigian and Mark Arax” introducing their critically acclaimed books and a A Shindig at Ararat-Eskijian-Museum.

→April 26, 2009
“Journey Back in Time.. a Unique Picture of life during the Armenian Deportation and some history of why it happened” by Dr. Kay Mouradian

→April 19, 2009
“Adana Massacres and the Aftermath” by Dr. Ohanes Kulak Avedikian and Dr. Garabed Momdjian

→February 22, 2009
“The archival Chamber of Etchmaidzin” by Dr. George Bournoutian

→January 25, 2009
“The Morgenthau Story” A New Documentary Film by Apo Torosyan

→November 16, 2008
“Daredevils of Sasun: The Poetic of the Armenian National Epic” by Prof. Azat Yeghiazaryan

→November 09, 2008
A Historic Tribute to Veterans Honoring Armenian men and Women who have served in the United States Armed Forces

→October 09, 2008
Performance-Lecture of Traditional Armenian Music and Instruments by Members of Armenian Concert Ensemble

→September 21, 2008
“And Those Who Continued Living in turkey After 1915” by Dr. Rubina Peroomian

→May 31, 2008
“The forty Days of Musa Dagh The True Story of a Film Denied” by Edward Minasian

→May 4, 2008
“The Rescue of Enslaved Armenian Women and children in Syria at the End of The World War I Genocide” by Dr. Vahram Shemmassian

→March 30, 2008
“The Web of Hope: the Memoirs of George B. Kooshian” by Dr. George B. Kooshian, Jr.

→March 08, 2008
“East Meets West” by Ruth Thomasian founder and executive director of Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives

→January 25, 2008
“A Commemoration of the First Anniversary of the Assassination of Hrant Dink” by Stephen Kurkjian and Taner Akcam

→December 02, 2007
“The Journey of a lifetime: Climbing Mount Ararat” by Dr. Ara Tekian

→October 07, 2007
“Tigran The Great and Rome” by prof. George Bournoutian

→April 25, 2007
“Voices” A New Documentary Film by Apo Torosyan

→March 24, 2007
“Arshile Gorky’s Van” by Prof. Robert Hewsen

→March 04, 2007
“Armenian Pioneers and Statemen of Egypt” by Sona Zeitlian

→February 03, 2007
“A Knock at the Door: A Journey Through the Darkness of the Armenian Genocide” by Margaret Ajemian-Ahnert

→December 03, 2006
“A World of Transition: Armenians in the Ottoman Photographs Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum” by Van Aroian

→December 02, 2006
“Leonardo da Vinci and Armenia” Dr. Levon Chookaszian.

→November 19, 2006
“A Photographic History of Armenians From Empires to Diaspora” by Ruth Thomasian

→October 08, 2006
“Visits among Ancestors” Exhibition doctor’s House Glendale Brand Libraryby Sofie Khatchmanyan Armenian textiles Specialist and Tina Demirdjian Dess and Textile Project.

→March 05, 2006
“Kiss MY Children’s Eyes: A Search for Answers to the Armenian Genocide Through one Remarkable Photograph” by Pulitzer Prize -winning Boston Globe investigative Journalist Stephen Kurkjian

→February 26, 2006
Armenian Merchants of Isfahan: Dissemination of Armenian Art between East and West” by Dr. Levon Chookaszian

→January 15, 2006
“Reaching for my Roots Torosyan’s Journey” by Apo Torosyan

→November 13, 2005
“Armenian Textiles and Costumes: Symbols and Stories” by Sofie Khatchmanyan Armenian textiles Specialist and Tina Demirdjian Dess and Textile Project.

→April 09, 2005
A Tribute Banquet honoring Prof. Vahakn Dadrian for a Lifetime Achievement Under the auspices of The Armenian church of North America Western Diocese along with 12 community Organizations Introduction by Dr. Taner Akcam.

→January 16, 2005
“A Sacred Musical Program” performed by Unison Violin Ensemble.

→December 12, 2004
“The Emigration of the Armenians to the United States of America: Evidence from the Archives of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople” by Dr. Knarig Avakian

→May 22, 2004
“Armenia-Sweden: Old and New Relations” by Dr. Artsvi Bakhchinyan

→April 04, 2004
“The New York Life Insurance Settlement of the Armenian Genocide Claim” by Attorney Vartges Yeghiaian

→March 28, 2004
“The Ambassador of Armenian Music to the World: Aram Khachaturian 100- Anniversary” A documentary film presentation of the life and music of a great composer during the soviet experiment. Executive producer Dora Servartian-Kuhn

→January 31, 2004
“Armenian National Liberation Struggle, Genocide reflected in Armenian Painters artistic heritage” by prof. Levon Chookaszian.

→January 11, 2004
“A Journey through Armenian Time: The Armenian History Timeline” by Hagop and Marilyn Arshagouni.

→December 14, 2003
“The Armenian Bride Trousseau exhibition: with presentation in English by Seta Simonian on Armenian customs, anecdotes, songs related to the Armenian bride and her wedding”

→December 05, 06 & 07, 2003
“Art Exhibition expressing The Armenian spirit in Modern Visual Language” by artists Artur and Ani Avakian

→November 02, 2003
Tribute to the founder of the Ararat-Eskijian Museum Luther and Anne Eskijian and benefactor and chairman emeritus Mrs. Hasmik Mgrdichian.

→October 19, 2003
“The Armenian-American Experience in Writing and Literature” by Mark Arax and Aris Janigian

→May 18, 2003
“The Validity of the Armenian Claim to Karabagh” by Dr. George Bournoutian

→April 13, 2003
“Reflections on the Armenian Genocide” by Dr. Vahakn Dadrian

→February 01, 2003
“The Armenian Art Treasures Saved from Genocide” by Dr. Levon Chookaszian

→January 12, 2003
Exhibition of rare Armenian Art: Posters, Prints and paintings by prominent Armenian artists sponsored by Arpiar & Hermine Janoian.

→January 11, 2003
“The Ararat Beckons” with special guests mountain climbers Massis Parseghian, Hamlet Nersessian and movie maker Dr. Michael Hagopian.

→October 19, 2002
“The Islamicized Armenian of Hemshin” by Hovann Simonian.

→July 28, 2002
“The Armenian Alphabet” by Dr. Edouard Selian.

→April 2-30, 2002
“In Celebration of Life Armenian Identity and Culture of the Diaspora A student Art Exhibition” (Participants from various Armenian School in Southern California).

→October 13, 2001
“Armenian Identity” by Dr. Edouard Selian

→May 11, 2001
Book signing “At the Crossroads of Der Zor: Death and Survival in Aleppo”by Hilmar Kaiser dinner and musical program

→January-December, 2000
Lecture series in Armenian:
- “Armenian Folklore”
- “The Origin of the Armenian Alphabet”
- “The Armenian Character”
- “Armenian Coinage”
- “Emigration of the Armenian People”
- “Tracing Back of our Armenian Ancestry”
- “The Contemporary Armenian Diaspora” (5 parts, presented weekly)
- “Friends of the Armenian People”

→August 1-15, 2000
A series of lectures presented in English by the curator Dr. Edward Selian:
- “The Land of Armenia–A link to Neighboring Empires”
- “Armenian History Goes back to 12000 Years”
- “The First Nation to adopt Christianity as a state Religion”
- “The Armenian Language–the only Modern Representative of a distinct Branch of the Indo-European Language”
- “The Great Literature of a Small Nation”
- “The Armenian Music–Key for Understanding the Development of Eastern Music”
- “The Armenian Art Contribution”
- “The Armenian Science and Technology Contribution”
- “The Uniquely Armenian Dishes and Liquors–Sources of Health for Life Long”
- “The contemporary Armenian Diaspora and His Future”

→June 10, 2000
Armenia through 3000 Years of Maps by Armen Khanjian.

→May 02, 1999
“A Historic Tribute to Veterans: Honoring Armenian Men and Women who have served in the American Armed Forces.”

→October 25, 1998
Historic Memorial Service to honor to rest human bones recently recovered from the desert of Der Zor, Syria representing many Armenians who perished in the Genocide of 1915.

→July 28, 1996
“Ribbon Cutting Dedication of the Ararat-Eskijian Museum.”

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