Collection Highlights: Paintings

Paintings by Andre Sevrugian, artistically known as Darwish (1894-1996)

These are two of over 20 paintings by Darwish during his lifetime.

Painting by Andre Sevrugian (Darwish)

Events & emotions that are described in Sayat-Nova’s odes, and the poet’s love reaching up to adoration and his sufferings. Vahakn N Dadrian Estate circa 1970's

Painting by Andre Sevrugian (Darwish)

From the collection of Vahakn N. Dadrian Estate, painter Andre Sevrugian "The Defence of Sassun"

Paintings by Masis Armen Bahadourian, artistically known as Armen Bahadour (1910-1999)

These are four of over 90 paintings by Armen Bahadour during his lifetime.

Paintings by Arnold E. Turtle (1892-1954)

These are four of several paintings by Turtle. Turtle was a famous American painter who was the mentor of Armen Bahadour.
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